Aug 31, 2013

Are Americans Still Bothered With Financial Crisis?

Flag of the United States
Over the past 5 days, I have written two articles that deal with the financial crisis of 2008:

a) Fifth Anniversary Of Financial Crisis Arrives; Have Banks Changed?

b) US Consumers View Banks Less Negatively Than Before

The interesting dichotomy is this: the American public is looking at banks & bankers with less mistrust even as economists and journalists argue that nothing much has changed since September 2008!

So, how do we check if the Americans are still bothered with financial crisis?

Google Trends provides an indicative answer to the above question.

The following chart tracks the search for "financial crisis" since 2004:

The next chart shows the regional interest in financial crisis:
Thus, the inference is clear - as time has progressed, Americans are less interested in knowing about the financial crisis, the greatest since the Great Depression. The Gallup survey was right, after all!

Readers, what do you think?
  • Will trying to forget the past condemn the Americans to repeat their mistakes?, or
  • Are they right in trying to move on with their lives?