Mar 1, 2013

Facebook buys Atlas, Microsoft's ad-campaign service

Facebook has bought out Atlas Advertiser Suite from Microsoft to help its advertisers better measure their campaign performances.

Companies use Atlas tools to choose and place ads on websites and monitor their effectiveness.

Facebook & its advertisers will now be able to measure campaign performance not only on its own service but also on other sites around the Web.

This data can certainly help the advertisers improve their advertising campaigns. It can also be leveraged by Facebook to demonstrate the superiority of their platform over other sites!

This acquisition complements Facebook Exchange, the social network's real-time advertising platform.

Facebook Exchange and Atlas can prove a potent combination in challenging the hegemony of Google on the display advertising business.

To me, this means that Facebook is finally getting its advertising strategy in place.

It has to, considering that its revenue growth has been slowing for four consecutive year.

Microsoft accepts defeat

While it is a clear win for Facebook, unfortunately, the same can't be said about its strategic partner.

Microsoft had been forced to write down almost the entire $6.3 billion that it spent to acquire AQuantive Inc. (developers of Alas) in 2007.

In a way, Microsoft is admitting defeat against Google by selling the technology after fully writing-down its value.

Its only consolation is that Facebook will, hopefully, fare better in hampering (if not defeating) its arch rival, Google.

One could argue, though, that it is a pretty costly consolation!

Microsoft will, of course, continue to use Atlas for its own campaign performance measurements.


Hopefully, Windows users will no longer have to tolerate the notorious tracking cookie that used to be loaded with the use of any Live service and refused to go away!

Article inspiration: Bloomberg